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Starting the personal injury claim process

First and foremost this article tells you everything you need to know about how to claim for a personal injury. It is important to note that any claim must be made within three years of the injury date. However, in some cases, such as a car accident, the injury may not become apparent until after the accident. Should this be the case, you have three years from the diagnosis date to file a personal injury claim.

Starting the personal injury claim process

If you are considering making a personal injury claim, the first step in the process is to hire a personal injury solicitor. A solicitor will be able to discuss the specifics of your case, such as how much compensation they think it could yield and the likelihood of the claim being successful. This information will then allow you to make a more informed decision about whether or not to go ahead with your personal injury claim.

Solicitors vary in terms of both expertise and experience. Therefore, when choosing a personal injury solicitor for your case it is recommended that you search for somebody who has experience dealing with a similar case and has also spent considerable amounts of time dealing with court cases should it go that far.
Once you have had this initial meeting with a lawyer, they can then make a claim against the other party on your behalf. See below for the 5 main steps in the injury claim process:

1. Your lawyer makes a claim against the other side
2. The other side chooses to either accept or reject the claim
3. You submit all evidence to the other party’s lawyer
4. If the other party agrees, the requested compensation amount is paid and the case is closed.
5. If the other party disagrees or fails to pay then the case goes to court and is settled by an independent person.

When making a claim be sure that you are fully aware of all legal fees that you may have to pay both if you win or lose. Some lawyers operate on a no-win-no-fee basis meaning that if your claim is unsuccessful then you don’t have to pay for their services. However, you may be liable for the other side’s legal fees so it is worth finding this out before deciding to make a claim. The last thing you want is to be left with a hefty legal bill that you cannot afford to pay.

Injury Claim Specialists offer straightforward, plain English injury claims advice to help people understand exactly what to do should they have an accident that wasn’t their fault. We have useful guides covering a number of personal injury areas including.

When you claim back PPI yourself, the first thing that you need to do is find all of your paperwork in relation to the original financial agreement to being an investigation into whether or not you had payment protection insurance on the arrangement, (Often this can be difficult to ascertain because not every financial arrangement that has PPI, has any honest correspondance outside of the small print, so this requires some painstaking research).

Then you must contact all of your creditors independently to request that the PPI payment and policy is refunded in its entirety, this can also be awkward because some financial institutions will dispute your request for a refund, and thus sometimes this will need to have an associated court hearing, which in itself can lead to loss of earnings.

It has also been proven that when individuals attempt to make a claim for themselves the creditors are more inclined to argue the case for a complaint because they know that in order to dispute their resistance yourself, you would have to enlist the services of a solicitor.

It is possible to claim back on a PPI policy yourself, but unfortunately the banks do not make this a simple process…

What Happens When You Hire A No Win No Fee Claims Firm?

When you make contact with a PPI Claims company their experienced advisors will being the investigation of your claim as soon as you make contact, you will however have to co-operate with the company by providing them with the details that they ask for in regard to your financial circumstances.

With a PPI Claims company the claims process as a whole tends to run a lot more smoothly and the payouts are quicker as the banks are less likely to dispute the claim and offer less resistance because your creditors are well aware that the claims companies have extensive access to solicitors.

However one downside to working with a professional claims company is that there is an associated fee, (paid on success) for a successful PPI claim, so even though it can be regarded as a much easier process there is a fee for the service as a whole.

Now that the price of gold has risen to unheard of prices, A lot of people are gaining interest in mining, or at least panning. Places to mine or prospect are getting hard to find as more and more of our public land is withdrawn from mineral exploration. I am being asked to help people find a claim or a place that they can claim. This is no simple task. Oh sure there is open ground in the US forest that can be claimed, but you first need to do some prospecting to find a place that will pay you to mine. This can take some time and a lot of work or fun depending how you look at it.

Myself I really enjoy the hunt. The first thing I would do is advise anyone that is willing to take on this adventure is to spend some time in the library and research old claims. They say that you will find gold where it was found in the past, and this is true. The USGS had a site that made it easy in the past, however the BLM took down the claim maps. Why I do not know I guess they don’t consider themselves public servants any more. The county court house is another place to research records. Normally they are very helpful if they are not too busy.

You want to look for closed claims that were worked for several years. The one’s that are only showing active for 1 or 2 years will for the most part be a waste of your effort because if they would have found any gold they would have worked it for some time. Also look at the date that it was worked. 30 or 40 years ago the price of gold was no ware what it is today. Today one oz of gold being worth $800.00 makes a little gold much more attractive. When you find a likely place, keep it to yourself.

Prospect it and determine if it is worth going after. If it is you will need to locate a BLM survey map of that area. You will need to use a GPS to establish the corners of the claim you want. Each person is entitled to 20 acres per claim. You can file an association claim with several people as owners allowing you to expand this one claim to 20 acres per person. 4 people = one 80 acre claim. The filing fee is the same regardless of the size. Once you have determined where the corners are, and you have thought of a claim name, you will need to post them with a claim corner marker on a 4×4 post set 4 feet above the ground on each corner.

Each marker will need to be marked 1,2, 3, and 4 and the direction and distance from one to the next and so on, Now comes the tricky part, knowing that all the maps in Oregon are not exact, you will need to seek help from a BLM office. They will help you lay out your claim on a map. You will also need help plotting a legal description in meets and bounds Meridian, township, range, section and subsection for your corners. When this is done you will need to order a legal mineral claim form from a stationary store. You should order several. This is the hard part, getting the legal description down on paper accurately. If there are any mistakes on your form, the process will need to be amended and start over. I would suggest that you seek assistance from a BLM engineer. After all they will be the ones to approve or reject the application.

After you feel that you have correctly filled out your form you will need to file it with the county court recorder. There is a small fee aprox $35.00. Now you have 90 days to prospect your claim. If you feel you still want to continue you will need to send a copy of the form along with your map of the claim to the BLM office along with $140.00 per claim. If all is OK you will receive a notice with your ORMC claim number. If there is anything wrong you will be asked to make the corrections and re-file at the court house and the BLM as an amended form.

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