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Insurance is a form of risk management

Insurance is a form of risk management

where unforeseen losses are covered in exchange for a premium. Insurer is the company which sells the insurance and the policy holder is the one who buys it. In the event of an unforeseen incident happening, the policy holders can make insurance claims. There are numerous formalities to be done before the claim settlement is made and the claims adjuster is the one who does it. The process through which it is done is called claims adjusting.

Today insurance is a highly developed field with various types of coverage and claim settlement processes. Individuals who take policies must pay regular premiums to the insurance companies. The premium to be paid depends on the value of the asset covered. Once a calamity occurs, then the claimant has the right to receive money from the insurance company.

When insurance claims are submitted, claims adjusting comes into play – the claims adjuster interviews the claimant, studies the hospital and police records, questions the witnesses and also visits the site of damage in order to assess the extent of the insurance company’s liability. There are several types of claims adjusters – the staff adjuster is the one who is employed by the insurance company; the independent adjusters are independent and not employed by insurance company; policy adjusters are the ones who are employed by the policyholder.

The claims adjuster studies the situation and determines if the claim made is reasonable or not, this is done so that there is no fraud involved. All the claims made may not be paid by the company. This happens if the premium is not paid in full, or another person is held liable and has agreed to pay for the damages. Usually the insurance companies take the word of the claims adjuster as final. The process is completed by a fair claim settlement made between both parties. Adjusters are thus hired by insurance companies and financial institutions to study the extent of loss. They act as a go-between for proper claim settlements.

There are different types of insurances based on the assets that are insured – like household insurance, motor insurance (for theft or accident), commercial insurance or personal insurance. Once damage is incurred the policy holder has to contact the insurance company immediately, they also have to inform the police and also take steps that further damage does not happen. Once the claims adjuster visits the claimant, he has to assist him so that a fair claim settlement can be made that will reduce the financial burden.

Everyone always wishes to plan a safe journey. A lot of precautions are taken. But sometimes it happens inevitably that your vehicle breaks down or you meet with an accident. The number of accidents on the motorways has been steadily increasing as the years go by, regardless of the reasons. In case you meet with an accident, you can make road accident claims. You could be injured as a passenger, driver or a pedestrian. It doesn’t matter. You can make a claim for any kind of injures you suffered.

An accident claims solicitor will be able to help you with this. They guide you in making the claim. You can explain your case and they will be able to tell you as to how much compensation you can receive on making the claim. They also suggest the steps to be taken for expediting the claim process.

If you provide your solicitor with all the required evidence then they will analyse your case in depth and suggest the suitable compensation plan. They are experienced in making the bike accident claims, crash claims, motorcycle accident claims, general road traffic accident claims, whiplash claims and so on.

However serious your injuries are, you can claim for compensation, with the help of your solicitor. You might have suffered grave injuries, lost your job, or even been crippled for life because of a road accident injury. Still you can claim compensation.

You do not receive the compensation so easily in few weeks. It takes a long time for the settlement to be made. A lot of time is consumed in the investigations process, police formalities and when dealing with the insurance companies. Lots of correspondence goes back and forth over a period of time.

The process of filing a road accident claim is in itself cumbersome. It depends on the type of accident and the plan for which the claim is made. The person claiming, is required to furnish certain basic information at the time of filing. Contact details of the parties involved in the accident – Their name address, telephone numbers and so on, are required for delivering the legal notice for claims.

Accident details – All the general and specific details related to the accident and the circumstances in which it happened are necessary to be furnished while making the claim Vehicle details – All the details regarding the vehicles involved in the accident, their registration numbers, model number, the make and so on are needed.

Insurance particulars РInsurance details have to be compulsorily obtained for the claims. The details regarding the names of the insurance companies of both the parties and the insurance policy details are important. Witnesses  You can ask the names, address and contact numbers of the witnesses to the accident. This information will expedite the claim compensation procedure.
Photographic evidence

Photographic evidence can best support your claims. You can take a photograph of the vehicles involved in the accident, the injured people, and the layout of the road, with a photo camera or a cell phone camera. If not photo evidence, you can also submit a sketch detailing the above.

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